Silver and black party wear set with teeka


Captivate in style with our silver & black party set featuring a teeka. Perfect for bold, modern elegance at any occasion.


Introducing our alluring party wear set with a teeka, a captivating fusion of silver and black designed to make a bold statement at any occasion. The centerpiece of this set is an intricately crafted necklace, adorned with shimmering black gemstones set in elegant silver settings, exuding a sense of modern sophistication. Complementing this, the matching earrings echo the same captivating design. The teeka, a true showstopper, features a striking black gemstone accentuated by silver embellishments. This set is the epitome of contemporary elegance, perfect for those seeking a dramatic and fashionable look for parties, gatherings, or special events. Unleash your inner diva and command attention with this stunning silver and black party wear set with teeka.


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